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IT for 10th & 12th   Visual Basic 6.0   Oracle 9i Oracle 10g-DBA
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Oracle10g DBA Track

You will be able to...
- Understand the architecture and processes of the Oracle database
- Demonstrate the complete set of skills that are required for working independently as an expert DBA
- Translate your knowledge and skills into increased visibility through the market's most highly valued database benchmark program.
- Appear for OCA and OCP Certification Exams for DBA Track
Who should attend...
This course is valuable for those who are, or will be, working with Oracle9i. Experience with relational databases and familiarity with basic programming concepts are helpful. Computer Fundamentals and Windows Operating System knowledge is an advantage. Any Programming Language, DBMS like Dbase or FoxPro are preferred and Oracle 9i SQL and PL/SQL

Introduction to Oracle 10g : SQL (Exam – IZ0– 007)

  Course Content
  Duration : 56 Hrs.
  Prerequisite: Computer Fundamentals, Windows Operating System
  Writing Basic SQL SELECT Statements
  Restricting and Sorting Data
  Single- Row Functions
  Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
  Aggregating Data Using Group Functions
  Producing Readable Output with iSQL *Plus
  Manipulating Data
  Creating and Managing Tables
  Including Constraints
  Creating Views
  Other Database Objects
  Controlling User Access
  SQL Workshop
  Using SET Operators
  Oracle 10g Datetime Functions
  Enhancements to the GROUP BY Clause
  Advanced Subqueries
  Hierarchical Retrival
  Oracle10g Extensions to DML and DDL Statements

Oracle 10g : Admin – I (IZ0 – 042)

  Course Content
  Duration : 48 Hrs.
  Prerequisite : Oracle 10g SQL
   Installing the Oracle Database Software
  Creating an Oracle Database
   Managing the Oracle Instance
   Managing Database Storage Structures
   Administering User Security
  Managing Schema Objects
   Managing Data and Concurrency
  Managing Undo Data
    Implementing Oracle Database Security
  Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
  Proactive Maintenance
  Performance Management
  Backup and Recovery Concepts
  Performing Database Backup
  Performing Database Recovery
  Performing Flashback
  Moving Data

Oracle 10g : Admin– II (IZ0 – 043)

  Course Content
  Duration : 48 Hrs.
  Prerequisite : DBA - Admin I
   Using Globalization Support Objectives
   Configuring Recovery Manager
   Recovering from user errors
  Dealing with Database Corruption
   DB Verify
   Automatic Database Management
  Using Recovery Manager
  Recovering from Non-Critical Losses
  Monitoring and Managing Storage
  Automatic Storage Management
  Monitoring and Managing Memory
  Database Recovery
  Flashback Database
  Managing Resources
  Automating Tasks with the Scheduler