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Individual Programs
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IT for 10th & 12th   Visual Basic 6.0   Oracle 9i Oracle 10g-DBA
C Programming   VB.NET 9.0   Java Oracle 10g-Developer
C++   ASP.NET 3.5   Adv. Java/J2EE  
Data Structures   C # 3.0   Struts  


You will be able to...
- Develop Web applications using ASP.NET
- Build browser-independent user interfaces with Visual Studio .NET and Web Forms
- Implement Web-based navigation models
- Deploy and update ASP.NET applications
Who should attend...
  Individuals who require and intend to build web-based applications using ASP.Net
Course Contents :
  Duration : 84 Hrs.
  Prerequisite : VB.Net / C# / ASP.Net 1.1
Preferred: Web Application Development technology.
  .NET Framework
  Web Application Basics
  ASP.NET Architecture
  ASP.NET Server Controls
  ASP.NET State Management
  ASP.NET Data Access
  ASP.NET Look & Feel
  ASP.NET Security
  ASP.NET Personalization
  ASP.NET Navigation
  ASP.NET Provider Model
  ASP.NET Web  Administration
  ASP.NET 2.0 Webpart Personalization
  ASP.NET Web Service