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  Fresher's Learning Program

We have successfully executed induction training programs for many of our esteemed partners in the IT industry, for their fresh programmer recruits. In some of these cases, we have done the complete planning and design of these training programs. IT companies typically recruit fresh software professionals from engineering colleges, universities offering computer science courses, as well as other private institutes. These professionals have some formal exposure to common programming languages and other platforms. However, the recruiting companies usually provide additional training to these people before they can be put on to live projects.  Sumraaz  is focused on bridging the gap between the skills of the graduates produced by the  colleges and the requirements of the IT industry. We have developed a comprehensive range of Training services designed to maximize the efficiency of the Developers & shorten the learning curve Finally, it is MONEY, TIME and Project delivery at stake resulting into unwarranted longer working hours and delivery ineffectiveness.


Typically the objectives of such induction training programs are:

  1. Enhancing the knowledge of the programmers in the languages they already know.
  2. Training them on other languages and platforms that they do not know.
  3. Providing them an overview of some of the important technologies, analysis and design methodologies, testing methodologies, etc.
  4. Training them on the programming standards, etc. of the organization.

The customized programs ensures that the participants become readily billable.