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  Excel Automation


Speed your Excel and VBA workflow.

Excel is one of the most popular and powerful tool used to record and analyse numerical data. Excel is used for managing operations, performance reporting, office administration, strategic analysis, account and project management. One of the more powerful, but seldom used functions of Excel is the ability to very easily create automated tasks and custom logic within macros .

We Sumraaz Technologies, one of leading IT consulting and Training organization can assist you to automate your routine task , reduce errors , perform data analysis and improve efficiency. We can also facilitate trainings at various level to assist your team be more effective using Excel.

Automate Excel for increasing productivity and profitability.

Benefits of Excel Automation:

1. Reduces Human erros
2. Faster turnaround time
3. Better Reporting
4. Reduce precious man hours spent on non value added tasks
5. Focus on higher level work

Our Expertise

1. Automate Business Processes - Redesign the way work gets done

2. Implement daya visualisation to make sense of information

3. Improve Reporting

4. Custom data organisation and imports

5. Data Mining

6. Custom templates, charts and graphs

7. Spreadsheet formatting

8. Database integraiton

9. Merge Files - With a click of button, merge files together

10. Clean data - Reformat fields, delete records , validate data

11. Dashboards - Create interactive customised dashboards