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  HR Consultancy

HR Management & HR Partnering

We specialize in HR practices for small and medium-sized companies. We take up the strategic HR Manager’s role on behalf of our clients to deliver the competitive edge to their businesses.
We work closely with business leaders and/or line managers to achieve shared organizational objectives, in particular designing and implementing HR systems and processes that support strategic business aims. We go up to the extent of serving as a complete off-site HR cell for our client organization, thus making the most of their Human Capital, so that the organization mission is achieved.

We work as part of the organization and are easily accessible by all functions to lend them appropriate support to realize their parts of the business goals.
Our business partnering service is aimed at:

  • Organizational and people capability building
  • Longer term resource and talent management planning
  • Using business insights to drive change in people management practices

We also help to build and strengthen people capabilities in tune with the business goals by delivering focused support in

  1. HR Policies development and implementation
  2. Organization Structure, Restructuring coupled with working out Position Description
  3. Competency Mapping
  4. Development and Implementation of Performance Management Systems (PMS)
  5. Organisation development intervention & Training
  6. HR Audits & Gap Analysis

HR Policies development & implementation
We help organizations in firming up and implementing people policies, strategies and procedures with an aim to enhance business performance. Documentation of the policies and procedures for employee communications and transparency in practices is done wherever necessary. Review and / or development of job descriptions, grade scales and organization structure may also form a part of our services.

Organization Structure, Restructuring coupled with working out position description
We analyze job requirements, roles and responsibilities of positions in the context of the organizational goals to develop or improve upon the organization structure and job specifications. This improves accountability for key performance drivers and morale of organization members. This service may be combined with Assessments and Job Matching support to achieve greater talent utilization and higher employee satisfaction. Improved employee satisfaction in turn increases the likelihood of better quality output and lower retention worries.

Competency Mapping

Implementing a competency framework means you can avoid potential inherent discrimination in qualifications and experience and create a positive organisational culture by establishing a clear and transparent framework to progression.

Development and Implementation of Performance Management Systems (PMS)

Performance management is the process of setting performance expectations, monitoring progress, measuring results, and appraising and rewarding or correcting employee performance. We help clients to establish and adopt processes to evaluate performance and reinforce favourable behavior with suitable rewards.
Organization development intervention & Training

Organization Development (OD) interventions are taken up with the main goal of affecting organization wide change in a positive and effective manner. OD is initiated from the top and it also pays particular attention to altering organizational attitudes and behavior, using experience-based learning, and prioritizing group and team changes.
We provide training, coaching and customized support with interventions designed for specific issues. Developmental workshops for improving the effectiveness of Managers and Executives are designed to suit the organizational and individual needs.

We begin with understanding the training or developmental needs of our client organizations to develop a customized development program. We aim to deliver experiences that help participants learn to apply their learning. We also deliver customized workshops that stretch over a period of time (days, weeks or even months) to assist full cycle development of the participants. The highlights of our approach are

  • Pre-workshop dialogue / interaction to develop a strong sense of the current environment and skill level of the participants
  • Customized employee training programs focus on client organisation’s business needs
  • Facilitator(s) is involved in all phases of the process, ensuring continuity of purpose; providing credibility to learning content

HR audit & Gap analysis
An HR audit will provide a detailed analysis of the existing HR policies, procedures and activities against the current and future needs of the business. The findings of an audit can be used to benchmark HR policies and practices against any legal requirements and against regional and international best practices. Benchmarking in this way is important for an organisation to mitigate any risks of non-compliance to legal requirements and develop a prioritised plan to implement best practices across HR.